The Ice Co Storage & Logistics is part of the J Marr Group of companies, and as a group our green initiatives are an important part of planning for the future. We work to reduce our carbon footprint through reduced power consumptions and carbon emissions.

Ambitious plans to save more energy has been recognised and through investment and funding has enabled the implementation of energy saving technology. 2015 saw the installation of a wind turbine at the South Kirkby site, with every bit of electricity produced by it being consumed through the cold stores.  Later in the year, solar panels were installed on the sites coldstore roof.

Funding allowed for the installation of power saving LED lighting across all sites. LED lights actually work much better in cold temperatures and give off very little heat so are ideal for the -21°C cold stores.

Energy efficient doors have been installed at South Kirkby, Newcastle and Glasgow. These doors are designed to be both reliable and energy efficient in the sub-zero temperatures whilst reducing the loss of refrigerated air. 

As a group, there will be continuous investment to keep improving our green energy, whilst reducing our power consumptions and carbon emissions.

green energy


We are members of the Cold Chain Federation and RHA and were a finalist in the Grocer 2011 Awards. We are certified to the BRC Global Standard in Storage and Distribution, including blast freezing and chamber freezing of products. We are certified by the Organic Soil Association.